Vintage Prada Shoes
Vintage Prada Shoes
Vintage Prada Shoes
Vintage Prada Shoes
Vintage Prada Shoes

Vintage Prada Shoes


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     Mario Prada was the founder and original designer of the Italian luxury fashion house of PRADA... a company specializing in high fashion.

Mario founded Prada in 1913, passed away in 1958 and his daughter, Luisa Prada, took over the company.

Luisa's daughter, Miuccia Prada, joined the company in 1970, eventually taking over in 1978... and turned the company into one of the most sought after mega fashion brands in the world. 

  Today, Prada is recognized for its premium products...

This gorgeous pair of Prada shoes is no exception... wear them with PRADA PRIDE!

They are a super chic vintage pair of suede shoes and they're in pristine condition!

Cute, timeless, sophisticated and carefully crafted with the highest quality.

A perfect choice for any fashionista that knows what they want!

Sure to be noticed... wear them to any occasion... in style.

Simply gorgeous, for you to enjoy for years to come.

A GREAT pair of shoes to add that special look...

Pressed reptile on light caramel leather.

From the Fashion House of Prada.

You will LOVE this pair!

From PRADA. 




  • Size - Women's 38 EUR / 8 U.S.