Vintage Hermès Scarf
Vintage Hermès Scarf
Vintage Hermès Scarf
Vintage Hermès Scarf
Vintage Hermès Scarf

Vintage Hermès Scarf


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Thierry Hermès (January 10th, 1801 – January 10th 1878) was a French businessman who founded Hermès International and acquired the title of "fashion house designer".

He lost his family due to disease and moved to Paris in 1821.

He originally established his business as a saddle company in 1837, but his first workshop showcased jewelry, home decor items and silk scarves.

After his death in 1878, his son and grandsons continued to run the family business.

Hermès is a world renown French luxury fashion house with the upmost admiration.

Like a vintage piece of artwork...

What makes Hermès scarves unique?

It's in their intensely detailed process and traditional use of silk screening technique.

Instead of using digital technology to mass produce scarves, Hermès choses tradition over technology.

Each of their scarves is silk screened by a professional artisan... still today.

This beautiful Hermès accessory complements any outfit.

It can be worn many ways... around your neck, at the waist or as a headscarf!

Lots of compliments with this 100% silk scarf.

It doesn't get much classier.

Imagine the possibilities.

Made in France.

It's Hermès.




  • Length - 55"
  • Width - 55"

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